Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Butter London Cheeky Cream Blush in Pistol Pink and Ruby Murray

Butter London Cheeky Cream Blush is probably long discontinued, given that I found mine from Marshalls and TJ two years ago. 

Anyway, the simple glossy compact are convenient to store or carry around so I didn't mind hoarding a few more (at Marshall price).
Ruby Murray is a deep murky wine that blends into a deep berry flush. Pistol Pink is the bright dolly pink that really brightens up the cheeks. 
Later I also grabbed Tiddly. A creamy bright orange that shows up as dolly apricot. Unlike the sheer red Piccadilly Circus, the other three are more on the creamy side than jelly so they aren't as easy to blend. 

At the 4-5dollars Marshall price, they are unbeatable (NYC makes nice blush stick but those are usually quite sheer). At its low 20s regular retail it's decent but nothing must-have. Stila has a prettier finish and a texture that's better for blending.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Canmake Melty Smooth Oil Gloss - Strawberry Red

According to the almighty news source Buzzfeed, ultra glossy lips is a trend of 2000s that "gotta go". How did I find out (without being a reader of the site)? One of their editors decided that my twin sausage from 8 years ago was a perfect illustration of the said trend and was nice enough to link back (no sarcasm intended). Hey, at least I got a few extra dimes off Google Ads that week (that is going straight to more lip gloss). 

To be trueful, I still love the whole glassy, zero lip line look (because the prospect of  inflated sausage is always better than inflamed A-hole) and am quite sad that all of my favorite American brands either stop making great glosses (the entire Sally Hansen lip range) or like Lancome, reformulated the gloss into something much runnier (the case of Lancome Juicy tubes). While I mourn over the waning availability of glosses, I am happy to see the emerging trend of lip oils. 

Let's pretend that this is totally new: Not all lip oil are created equal, sometime it's the same runny silicone oil mix that you could find at dollars store 10 years ago, sometime it's just gloss under a different name (Jill Stuart comes to mind) but sometime, you do get a lightweight oil gloss that gives the same shine but with no stickiness and a closer hug to the lips. And the best part? It's only 5 bucks!
Okay, the 500yens became 9 bucks once it crossed the pond, but what can you get for 9 bucks here anyway? I started to notice Canmake Melty Smooth Oil Gloss a few months ago. It's a product marketed as a non-sticky gloss and lip essense, made of mostly lip caring oils. Of course, I got one in sheer red (03 Strawberry Red) because I can't get enough of red tint.

It's hard to figure out the volume/weight of each Canmake lip or cheek product (they don't put it on their packaging or the site) but I eyeballed it to be around 8-10grams.
The Melty Smooth Oil Gloss is exactly what it claims to be: It's predominantly oil but encapsulated in a jelly formula. The texture is easily spread, hydrating, moisturizing and not sticky at all. Unlike gunky glosses that smooth away line by forming a mirror shine, Melty Smooth plumps away line from within...It just keeps my lips healthy and comfortable. Thanks to the oil jelly base, it stays on to the lips without slipping off,  drying out or evaporating.

The shade 03 is a cool strawberry red that's not loud or dramatic on the lips. It's not a special color but I just love the formula. It's one of the best lip glosses/essences I have tried in recent years (well I haven't gotten many glosses) and feels like more expensive jelly gloss from Paul and Joe. Anyway, I am definitely getting the clear one as soon as it's back in stock.

P.S. For those of you who are tired of the winter background. Hanami season is about to start (I mean on the blog). We have been having too many overcast/rainy days but the weather today was perfection. I got a bunch of glamour shots done this morning and now I just need more sunny afternoons for my afterwork swatches. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sunset Palette - Integrate Nudy Grade Eyes in OR366

Do you guys still remember Pantone, the "Color Authority" who had its big break when it declared orange red the color of 2012 (when the shade itself had been widely popular for a year)?  It surprised me that they didn't pick Peach as color of the year, the recurring guest since 2016 that came into full-blown stardom in 2017.  Maybe the choice will make them seems lame (Huh, they are not?) but either way, I buy what I buy, not what the self-proclaimed authority tells me.

 In my memory I always associate these blush toned eyes from K-Pop videos. Whenever a K-beauty trend becomes big enough of a hit, it means that Japanese brands would make it into something that I can wear (outside of a heavily edited photo shoot). Summer 2016, several Japanese drugstore brands came up with their own orange/coral/peach tones eye makeup and I couldn't be happier.
Integrate released Nude Grade Eyes in OR366 Sunset Palette (and a gel eyeliner pencil that was nowhere to be found) and I knew I needed to hunt it down. I have tried Nudy Grade Eyes and wasn't impressed with the densely packed powder, boring color and poor pigmentation. However, when the palette is this pretty, you gotta give it a second chance.
The limited palette has the same mirror like compact but tinted orange instead.
As photogenic as it is, the surface seems to get scratched as soon as it's exposed to air (I only got it last summer but it already looks like it has been through WWII). Integrate went through a packaging revamp last fall so the newer ones has matte pink compacts instead.
Lower Left: Yellow glittery highlight/top wash
Bottom: Reddish coral lid shade with golden sheen
Middle: Golden orange
Upper: Peachy beige highlight
Lower right: Warm brown liner that becomes essential (because the others can easily turn the look into eye infection).

Beside the glitter top wash, the shadow are the same type: tightly packed satin with medium intensity that doesn't build up much.
As with the previous Nudy Grade Eyes, OR366 has this same densely packed texture that take a heavy swipe to be picked up and applied. The vibrant colors act in its favor that I don't need to dig out whole chunk for it to show up.
With the sponge applicator, OR366 is easy to use and gives a juicy orange look that's a bit too satin (almost too matte and blush like). I need to be extra careful with placement since it can look like a sunburnt version of red eyes.
For everyday wear, I prefer a peachier (less coral red/straight orange) palette but OR366 is fun to wear and pretty to look at.

Monday, April 17, 2017

April AB Sightings, Japanese Magazine Freebies and More

Yesterday (actually I tried on Friday after work but the train was so delayed plus there was a bomb/gun scare at Penn Station that made everyone there run like chickens, myself included -__- ), I went to Chinatown to restock gummy candies and other snacks and guess what, New Kam Man has new displays up! 
New Born w Brow EX - Dual end brow pencil in may shades
 Koji Angelite U lip and cheek tint, mascara and eyeliner
Cenecis Whitening lotion, cream and serum
Some deeply Moisturizing cream
Fermented soy moisturizer and stick
 From two weeks ago - Instead of killing time at Macy's, I stopped by Kinokuniya to window shop and I almost caved in for the cat (the metal button was cat) bag attached to GLOW. Of course I had to remind myself how small my apartment is...
 In Red has Lisa Larson Tote (with a mini tote attached)...I should go back and see if it's available since I could use it for grocery.
With (a freebie tote) I like Ishishara Satomi's eye makeup here
Sweet featuring AHKAH tote
More with Coach notebooks
Random ladybug scissors
From TJmaxx- Berrisome lip bar and Too Faced Melted Metal lip color
More lip tint
Brow Tattoo
More lip tint
Angel lip tattoo
Tint Cheek Cushion - The sale price is actually quite expensive so I didn't pick up any.
Too Cool For School just opened up a store at SOHO.  The whole line up (especially packaging) looks quite impressive and I do like their makeup bag (20 bucks for asimple pouch, I might as well get the special editionlesportsac). Of course, everthing was so expensive so I didn't pick up anything. 
Lastly, more spycam nobody cares about. Essence Mascara sets.
Jordana Contour and Highlight
NYX Velvet Matte lipstick
Revlon the Oversized mascara

At Duane Reade - Vincent Longo is half off everthing! I picked up their cream eyeliner in Flamenco since the pinkish taupe is so pretty as a shadow (plus it would not budge on the back of my hand). Nonie Creme Colour Prevail is also being cleared out (75% off) but the brand is mostly garbage. I bought a liquid liner and while sealed, it's completely dried out.
100% pure actually got some pretty pot shadows in the neutral with a kick. I almost picked up Fiji (golden peachy beige) and Barbados before realizing they have no lasting power and they are over 20 bucks per pot.
Almay Mega volume mascara.

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